In order to protect your art and collectibles, the Plan Protection Art contract offers you a wide range of guarantees options for a custom-made contract:


  • Fire, Water damage, Burglary or vandalism

  • Storm, hail and snow on the roofs or Natural disasters

  • Accidental damage (for example, the fall of a painting or a sculpture)

  • Depreciation after a claim (assessed by an expert)

  • We also offer warranty extensions according to your needs (for example: breakage, breakage and damage, transportation, outside work, etc.)


ARTINS combines expert & independent advice with a range of specialized policies and tailor made, personalized service.

We can help with every aspect of your art insurance​

There are two evaluation options


Private Collections

Declared Value

List the objects and works that you wish to insure, by specifying their estimated value. In the event of a claim, you must provide proof of the damaged items value, which could lead to disputes with the insurance company. 

Agreed Value

safer and more serene, is to have an expert upstream expertise. In this way, the amount of the guarantee is fixed, whatever happens. Note that the value of some objects is very fluctuating, it is advisable to renew this expertise regularly

Cover from a permanent or temporary collection, which belong to you or which are entrusted to you, staying at one or more locations

Compensation in the event of breakage, fire, water damage, accidental damage and theft even without break-in during closing hours

transport  we offer a "nail to nail"Cover

• replacement by a work of equivalent value and quality

• or compensation up to 100% of the insured value of the work

• or payment for the depreciation and restoration of the work, with the possibility for the lender to choose the place and the restore

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