What is an art insurance broker

The role of an insurance broker is to offer the contracts best suited to the profile of its policyholders, in terms of protection, guarantees or even rates.


We are mandated by our clients, of which we are the representative, and not by the insurance companies. This independence allows us to provide objective advice and to seek to obtain an ideal contract for our clients.


Our missions:


  • Advising clients: after establishing a diagnosis of your risks, offering you adequate guarantees and designing your contracts;

  • Monitor your needs according to the evolution of your personal or professional situation, and adapt the supply of insurance or financial products accordingly;

  • Support you, from the signing of the contract to the payment of compensation in the event of a claim;


Our independence and our activity dedicated exclusively to Art insurance has allowed us to develop relationships of trust with all insurance companies, experts, specialized restorers in France and abroad.


Save time and money

For people or companies looking for the best insurance policy to protect their works of art, seeking the help of a broker saves time and more often than not money. After having established very precisely the list of risks that a customer wishes to cover, he must find the best value for money.

This sometimes technical analysis phase requires time, great rigor as well as a perfect knowledge of the products and guarantees offered.


During claim

At Artins, we manage claims ourselves, which allows us to provide a simple, quick and effective response to our policyholders.

We accompany you and support you from the first moments after your declaration. We assist you in asserting your rights with insurance companies. As an expert, we are able to verify that the parties comply with all of their obligations.


At Artins we not only help you protect our assets, but also provide expert advice on all aspects of managing a collection, including loss prevention and conservation.


All of these tips for optimizing and preventing your risks prior to signing your contract are completely free.

Our remuneration is materialized by a commission fixed contractually by the chosen company and does not lead to any variation in premium for our clients.

Garantie des biens et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

Cover from a permanent or temporary collection, which belong to you or which are entrusted to you, staying at one or more locations

Indemnisation et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

Compensation in the event of breakage, fire, water damage, accidental damage and theft even without break-in during closing hours

Transport et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

transport  we offer a "nail to nail"Cover

Expertise et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

• replacement by a work of equivalent value and quality

• or compensation up to 100% of the insured value of the work

• or payment for the depreciation and restoration of the work, with the possibility for the lender to choose the place and the restore