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Assurance galerie d'art professionnels et particuliers - Artins
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Cultural exhibitions

Permanent & Temporary

The ARTINS Cultural Exhibitions' contract meets your requirements and protects your entrusted goods : paintings, sculptures, photos, installations, antique furniture or design but also engravings, drawings, watchmaking, weapons, goldsmith, decorative objects, etc.

Our solutions offer two types of contract adapted to each situation:     

  • The "Expo" guarantee: covers the goods on the exhibition place during the duration of the event,     

  • The "nail-to-nail" guarantee: covers goods from their place of departure to their place of return, including transportation,.

Our offers are in declared value and in approved value.

The agreed value has the advantage of being sustainable over time: the insured has the ability to evolve it freely according to market values.

All risks except

All risks except

We offer "All Risks Except" contract, where all that is not excluded is covered, with comprehensive guarantees designed to meet your needs and which offers you the following advantages:

Garantie des biens et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

Cover from a permanent or temporary collection, which belong to you or which are entrusted to you, staying at one or more locations

Indemnisation et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

Compensation in the event of breakage, fire, water damage, accidental damage and theft even without break-in during closing hours

Transport et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

transport  we offer a "nail to nail"Cover

Expertise et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

• replacement by a work of equivalent value and quality

• or compensation up to 100% of the insured value of the work

• or payment for the depreciation and restoration of the work, with the possibility for the lender to choose the place and the restore