Artins offers to cultural institutions (Museums or Foundations) a global solution based on a comprehensive risk analysis of your institution and a free audit.  

Our Covers :     

- Cover in all risks except     

- Multi-risk building guarantees     

- Civil Operating Liability and professional institutions     

- Mission contract for your staff when traveling abroad for temporary exhibitions


ARTINS also covers:     

Temporary nail-to-nail exhibitions     

Transport of classic cars


Cover from a permanent or temporary collection, which belong to you or which are entrusted to you, staying at one or more locations

Compensation in the event of breakage, fire, water damage, accidental damage and theft even without break-in during closing hours

transport  we offer a "nail to nail"Cover

• replacement by a work of equivalent value and quality

• or compensation up to 100% of the insured value of the work

• or payment for the depreciation and restoration of the work, with the possibility for the lender to choose the place and the restore

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