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Insurance for profesionnals

Buying and selling works of art involves very specific risks - which can vary from hour to hour, depending on whether the artwork is installed, uninstalled, manipulated or shipped worldwide.

We understand that art galleries and merchants need “a flexible insurance provider with whom they can easily communicate with and get quick responses


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We take care of everything

• Insurance of your gallery or your place of work

• Property Damage Insurance: Inventory, Loans and Consignments

•  Art in transit around the world

•  Coverage during your fairs: cover of tenants’ legal responsibility 

•  Extension of event coverage for private tours, conferences and receptions.

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our "All included" Cover

• Loss, theft, vandalism, fire and other property damage     

• Breaks fragile objects     

• Damages during transport carried out either by the Insured or by a professional carrier (guarantee nail to nail)     

• Property entrusted to third parties     

• exhibitions

• Health and Benefits for your employees Private or public.

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Claim management

Artins has built its reputation on responsiveness, speed of action and the quality of its claims management. We assume that a claim is fair and do not attempt to interpret the contract to the detriment of our policyholders. We protect our insureds and compensate the loss if it is due. It's our philosophy, and our job.

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an in-depth knowledge of the world of French and international art as well as a network of experts and art conservators who can intervene quickly in the event of a claim

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Your requests are processed within 24 hours to offer you clear, simple and effective solutions.

Confidentialité et assurance des oeuvres d'art avec Artins

We are sensitive to discretion. We have implemented precise compliance processes. We include confidentiality clauses on all our offers

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