Garantie des biens et assurance d'oeuvre d'art - Artins

Who we are ?

Insurance is in our family DNA.
Since 1967, from father to son, three generations have put their talents and skills to the service of customers to support them in their projects, protect them in their private and professional activities.

Since its creation, ARTINS' ambition is to revolutionize the art insurance market by offering a premium service and the best products to our clients.

We are committed to protecting valuable assets, collectibles and works of art from financial risk, loss and degradation so they can be passed on to future generations. We offer solutions for collectors and individuals as well as museums, galleries and institutions.

Artins : assurance galerie d'art

"Our structure is above all a family and entrepreneurial venture that, generation after generation, is dedicated to the protection of people and their property in complete independence. Our ambition is to be an innovative, efficient and humane society. Artins engages daily with its clients to enhance access to the best art protection products. Our DNA: Listening and proximity to our customers; Our goal: Excellence at the service of your satisfaction.»

Alexandre Suissa, CEO